HPSG 2012, CNU, Korea::::The 19th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar
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Welcome to HPSG 2012, Daejeon, Korea!

We would like to invite you kindly to the 19th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG 2012) which will be held at CNU, Daejeon, Korea in 2012. This will
be the 19th annual conference and, we hope, one of the most successful.

The annual meetings of HPSG for the past 18 years are now well established as the focal platform for all scholars and researchers working within Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG) around the world.

We understand that the HPSG meetings provided outstanding opportunities for the scholars and researchers not only in HPSG, but in such areas as theoretical and computational linguistics, the theory of grammar, cognitive linguistics, and psychological linguistics to advance their discipline through these meetings.

10 years have passed, since the International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG 2002) was held in South Korea. We believe that, since the success of HPSG 2002, research and development in the area of theoretical and computational linguistics have been actively pursued at both academic and industrial institutions in Korea.

HPSG 2012 will serve as a truly unique forum not only for the participants to discuss their latest research results, but also for linguistics students here in Korea to learn the spirits, values, and details of HPSG more vividly. We are committed to measure up to the HPSG community’s expectation in making the HPSG 2012 one of the most successful meetings.

Local Organizing Committee
Byong-Rae Ryu (Chair)