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Frank Van Eynde

(courtesy of http://www.ccl.kuleuven.be/~frank/)

Frank Van Eynde is Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Chair of the Center for Computational Linguistics at the University of Leuven (Belgium). He was also a guest professor at the universities of Paris (1995) and Lille (2002-3).

Frank Van Eynde studied linguistics, literature and philosophy at the universities of Leuven (Belgium), Muenster (Germany), Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Stanford (USA). He holds a BA in Language and Literature (Dutch & English), a BA in Philosophy, an MA in Linguistics, a PhD in Arts & Philosophy and topped it off with the Belgian equivalent of the German Habilitation.

He started his carreer at the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research (1980-1985), had a post-doc stint at the University of Leuven (1985-1988), returned to the Fund of Scientific Research (1988-2000), where he held a permanent position, and switched back to the University of Leuven, where he was associate professor from 2000 till 2003 and full professor since 2003.

His research is mainly in the fields of theoretical and computational syntax and semantics. At the time of his PhD (1985) and his post-doc years he focussed on the semantics of tense and aspect and on the application of that research in machine translation. Later, at the time of his Habilitation (1994) he shifted attention to syntax and the syntax-semantics interface. Much of his work since then was done in the framework of Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar and led to numerous publications. The HPSG bibliograpy lists 21 contributions, starting in 1994. Another more recent interest is in the development and the exploitation of treebanks for empirical research in syntax.

At the University of Leuven Frank Van Eynde teaches both in the Linguistics program of the Faculty of Arts and in the interdisciplinary Master of Artificial Intelligence program. Within that program he coordinates the Language and Speech option.

He co-founded the Center for Computational Linguistics in 1991 and chaired it from 1994 till 2000 and since 2004. At the Center he initiated and coordinated many projects in machine translation, natural language processing and corpus annotation, funded by various agencies, including the European Union. At the moment, the Center is coordinator of the CLARIN-EU activities in Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium.

At the Center for Computational Linguistics Frank Van Eynde hosted a long series of sunmmer schools, conferences and workshops, including the 2nd European Summer School in Language, Logic and Information (1990) and the 11th International Conference on Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (2004).

The invited lecture focusses on the topic of agreement in clauses with a predicative complement. It is part of a more comprehensive treatment of the syntax and semantics of predicative complements that already led to contributions to the proceedings of HPSG 2008 and HPSG 2009, as well as to the proceedings of CLIN 2009 (Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands). A book length publication is currently in the final stages of preparation. The lecture will present one section of one chapter of the book.

Homepage: http://www.ccl.kuleuven.be/~frank

CV: http://www.ccl.kuleuven.be/~frank/CV.html