HPSG 2012, CNU, Korea::::The 19th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar
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Day 1 (Wednesday, July 18, 2012):
Tutorial on Experimental Design for Linguists

  • The conference will take place in the Humanities building (W-7 building) on the CNU main campus.
  • The tutorials, workshop and main conference will be in Moon-Won Hall.
  • Coffee breaks and the poster session will be near Moon-Won Hall.

Day 1
July 18,
12:00-13:00Registration open
Tutorial Session (chair: Hye Won Choi (Ewha Women's University) &
                                  Jong-Bok Kim (Kyung Hee University))
13:00-14:30Philip Hofmeister (University of Essex)
Experimental Design for Linguists 1
View Abstract | Presentation Slides (Part1, 120p, 8.01MB)
14:30-15:00Coffee break
15:00-16:30Philip Hofmeister (University of Essex)
Experimental Design for Linguists 2
View Abstract | Presentation Slides (Part2, 94p, 5.08MB)
16:30-17:00Coffee break
17:00-18:30Philip Hofmeister (University of Essex)
Experimental Design for Linguists 3
View Abstract | Presentation Slides (Part3, 92p, 7.36MB)

Performing controlled experiments to back up intuitions is gradually becoming the norm in syntactic research, especially as the means for collecting experimental data becomes easier and easier. In this tutorial, I will provide an intro to issues and best practices in designing experiments for addressing problems in linguistics, particularly with respect to experimental syntax. The focus of the tutorial will be on general principles of experimental design, and specific issues that arise in experimental investigations of language (e.g. planning/controlling for likely confounds, counterbalancing, etc.). Time allowing, a brief demo of collecting judgments via Amazon's Mechanical Turk will also be provided.