HPSG 2012, CNU, Korea::::The 19th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar
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Guidelines to Authors for Preparing Oral Presentations


All PCs' will be running on the Windows XP operating system and have the Microsoft Office 2010 Suite and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on them. You are requested to save your PowerPoint/PDF presentations either on to a USB memory stick or a CD (Mac and Linux users: please make sure you have saved the presentation in a compatible format). We also advise that you make an extra copy on another USB memory stick or CD as a back-up.

A PC and video projector will be set up in the room. To ensure that presentations are not delayed, we request you to ***refrain from bringing*** your own laptops into the session, because we can only provide support on our own equipment and unfortunately not Mac or Windows Vista or 7 users. Please do not bring any other formats for your presentations (e.g. OHP acetates).

There will be an Internet access in the presentation rooms. We also request you to arrive at your session 15 minutes prior to the start of the session. This will allow enough time to resolve any issues and help prevent delays with regard to the start of the session. We would appreciate it if you could prepare your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to meet the time allowance allocated to you in your session.

[Time Allocation]

1. Delegates have 30 minutes for their paper presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. The presentation should under no circumstances be longer than 35 minutes.
2. The session chair will have instructions to give you signals as to when there are 5 minutes remaining, 1 minute remaining and when your time is up.
3. Can you please try and respect these timings when preparing your presentation


We expect about 100 audiences for the regular paper presentations.
If you haven't prepared enough handouts, please ask the reception desk for additional copies at least 1 hour prior to your presentation.